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Anne-Marie Lacy

What Readers are Saying:

“The Medievalist is a thrilling, cannot-put-it-down journey through history. I have never felt as though a historical novel was my cup of tea, but what a pleasant surprise! The author weaves the plot into a gripping tale of love, deceit, and adventure, and masterfully creates characters that you will fall in love with yourself! I would highly recommend this book, and will be ordering more to give as gifts during the holiday season!”

-Amazon Reviewer

What Readers are Saying:

“This book absolutely takes the unsolved question of “did Richard III kill his nephews or not” and delivers to us a believable scenario for those readers that chose to believe he did not. Combining elements from the discovery of the remains of Richard III, time travel, along with the new character of Jayne and her love of Richard made this book a refreshing and intriguing read. I love the way Jayne grew in the book and the ending of the story….well I hope that is not the end. I want to see more of her!”

-Amazon Reviewer

What Reviewers are Saying:

“Lacy has given us a wonderful romp through history in The Medievalist. A worthy read for any who love adventure and history.”

Robert Hicks
Author of The Widow of the South and The Orphan Mother


Aspiring historian Jayne Lyons has pinned her career hopes on proving that her ancestor, King Richard III, is innocent of the murder of the Princes in the Tower. While volunteering at the search for his missing grave, she is cast back into the brutal 15th century, in the middle of Richard’s army camp.

As Jayne realizes she may not be able to return home, she adjusts to her new life and finds herself falling for Richard, and becoming his mistress. She even starts entertaining the hope of saving him.

But the Princes are missing, and all evidence points to Richard. When he asks her to spy for him against his enemy, Henry Tudor, she must decide whether to help the man she loves, even though he may be one of history’s greatest villains.